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PT-141 (Bremelanotide)

What is PT 141?


pt-141 Peptide | Ed treatment miamiPT-141(Bremelanotide) is a new innovative peptide hormone treatment that works for both men and women to improve sexual function. PT-141 is an effective and efficient treatment for both erectile dysfunction and increased libido in men and improves female sexual arousal disorder in women.

This new sexual dysfunction prescription is brain based. PT-141 is the prior developmental code given name for Bremelanotide. This is a peptide originally developed as a sunless tanning agent. It is a melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) that affects sexual arousal, aiding enhanced libido levels and penile erections. Unlike Viagra or Cialis, PT-141 is not a PDES inhibitor, and it does not target the vascular system. Instead, it acts on the nervous system via activation of neurons in the hypothalamus to increase sexual desire.

How does PT-141 work?

PT 141 works directly through the nervous system to increase arousal, desire, and satisfaction with sex. PT 141 peptide gives you the desire and motivation along with the ability to increase blood flow to the penis or vagina and clitoris, returning the intimacy and passion to your relationship. PT 141 addresses those issues to help resolve sexual difficulties.

Unlike Viagra and other similar medications, it does not act in the vascular system, but directly increases sexual desire with the nervous system. It stimulates and activates the dopamine hormones that happen to play a major role in sexual motivation. Dopamine is a known compound in the body, it’s a neurotransmitter that stimulates performance. When you have low levels of dopamine, your libido is lowered.

What are the benefits of PT-141?

PT-141 may effect the body in following ways:

  • Increase in libido level
  • Elevated degrees of sexual gratification
  • Enhanced vigor and sexual desire
  • Strengthened penile erections
  • Skin tanning
  • Mood enhancement [2]

Who is a good candidate For Bremelanotide?

PT 141 is generally recommended for women experiencing low libido and problems with arousal that are not caused by a medical condition or problems within the relationship.

Low libido and diminished sex drive are typically associated with people over the age of 40, but it can (and does) affect people of all ages. As men and women get older, testosterone and estrogen levels naturally drop, which affects the desire-arousal-sex matrix.

While human sexuality may still be something of a taboo topic that can be difficult to talk about, many performance and libido issues are associated with health issues and hormonal imbalances in both men and women. Like any biological process, the human sex drive is subject to a number of chemical, environmental, and physiological factors that are often beyond an individual’s control. [3]

What are the side effects of Bremelanotide?

Fleeting bouts of headache, nausea, and flushing were experienced by some people when dosed too high. It was pointed out that the headaches experienced from well-known ED medications like Cialis and Viagra were more intense and lasted far longer than those who experienced them with PT 141.


Having a partner should be all roses, sweethearts, chocolates, and romance. If this is not the situation for you, then you could find yourself getting anxious, especially if you suffer from libido problems. Not only is sex important in a relationship, but it is an integral part of human life. Having a good sex life has proven to improve one’s overall well-being and prevent one from suffering from some diseases too.

If you have felt like your sex life has become boring, and you are gradually losing interest, you need to invest in your sexual pleasure. In your search for something to heat your sex life, you are likely to come across plenty of tips and tricks that may not make any change. By incorporating sex enhancers, you could make sex more comfortable and fun.


How is PT 141 administered?

PT-141 is administered via subcutaneous (under the skin) injections into the lower right abdominal quadrant. This is because fat deposits are the best places to inject this peptide therapy. You’ll receive the injection 45 minutes before sexual activity.

The most common way of PT-141 application is through injection. This injection is usually useful for both men and women in the treatment of sexual dysfunction issues.

The injections are usually administered subcutaneously, where there are more fat deposits. Often, the points of injections are around the stomach area and lower abdomen or the thigh. The jabs should be given at the same time of the day so that you can get the best PT-141 experience.

The general PT-141 dosage for both men and women is 2mg, which should be given one hour before sex. If doing it for the first time, you could inject 1mg as a test dose before adding the other 1mg thirty minutes later.

To avoid overdosing, you shouldn’t exceed 2mg in seventy-two hours. You should always choose the best timing, that is convenient for you.

The PT-141 nasal spray is another common way to administer PT-141. Many people prefer it because it is easier to use. Just by inhaling the PT-141, you can achieve the libido you have been looking for. [4]

How is This Peptide Packaged?

Bremelanotide peptide is available in 10mg vials, which is a lot to consume. You may be able to obtain up to 20 doses with a 10mg vial if you dose lightly. Even if you reconstitute a PT-141 peptide with bacteriostatic water, it is still potent when stored for months inside the fridge.

What is the cost of Treatment?

The cost of PT 141 Peptide therapy is around $500 per month.

What Forms of Bremelanotide PT 141 Are Available?

Bremelanotide PT-141 is available for subcutaneous injection, nasal, and trouche.

Is PT-141 more suitable for women?

As much as both men and women use PT-141, it has proved to be the women’s favorite. That is because it offers them most of the benefits and fewer side effects compared to others. The only symptom that affects them is nausea and vomiting, which is rare too.

Additionally, females responded better to the drug as compared to men. The PT-141 comes as a savior to women because there are very few drugs that deal with sexual dysfunction in women.

How Do I Store Pt-141?

The vials of PT-141 must be freeze-dried, so it remains stable at room temperature. When freeze-dried, it can last one to two months. It’s recommended to store them in the freezer for long-term storage where they can remain for up to 24 months, when in powdered form.

When the PT-141 is mixed, you can’t store it at room temperature. This time, you can only save it in the fridge to remain stable. [5]


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